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  1. If you have a code reader that does live data you could check if the accelerator pedal is doing this at the same position since there might be some wear in its electrics. Other than this you might need a full Citroen diagnostic to spot anything not right.
  2. Could be windscreen pillar lower trim https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/334024761700?mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=710-53481-19255-0&campid=5338749392&toolid=20006&customid=GB_131090_334024761700.135533296458~1460414241004-g_EAIaIQobChMIu73iwMPx9wIVCJBoCR3G5gv_EAQYASABEgIgRPD_BwE If you try a Citroen dealer they will look up the part to make sure you get the right one.
  3. Brute force, I have cut discs off before when they have rusted onto a hub. When you have an angle grinder they get very little use but are a godsend when used.
  4. Karl val has sorted this, the earth on to the gearbox needed a clean, noted in a separate topic.
  5. Happy to see this is now sorted and did not turn out to be anything drastic. Thank you for posting.
  6. Sounds as if the battery is not connected or a fuse has blown.
  7. I had to do a search to find out that the hand brake has brake shoes inside the disc hub. There will be a wear/brake dust ridge inside the hub so it will need the shoes/hand brake cable adjusting so the shoes are at their minimum diameter to clear the ridge. I guess you already know how to back off the adjuster cog through the hub, if not this video shows it although initially the disc has been removed first which I would think is not necessary. If the cog is seized then maybe you might have to spray it with something like wd40 but this could mean replacing the shoes so brake cleaner might be
  8. If new to the C5 and hydraulic suspension, if going to jack the car up it should first be raised to max height and then the engine switched off. If not done suspension problems can occur. Also do not go under the car without using axle stands since if a height sensor is caught the car can drop to a very low level, quicker than you can get out of the way
  9. How long have you had the car, if a long time has this only just started ? Are the brakes working normally when you try to stop ? I have found on our C5 that the pedal can go down with the engine on if you continually press on the pedal hard but with it off it will go hard. If you brake hard though the pedal does not go down much and I think these are part of the design. When you bleed the brakes you need a diagnostic to get any air out of the abs pump/block if part of the hydraulics has been disconnected - did you do this, if not the brakes will be spongy and not work too well and I had
  10. Have a watch of this video, it shows how to test the solenoids and here one was found to not be working
  11. If it is the pipe that comes out of the master cylinder, I would check it is in good condition where it clips in and if ok, put it back and try it after bleeding the air out. I have not seen a picture of it but Citroen seem to use metal spring clips to hold the clutch pipes in place so make sure that is also in good condition.
  12. Welcome to the forum. Which engine does it have ? Citroen diesels often have an outlet at the gearbox end of the cylinder head with lots of hoses connected and the thermostat is built in to this 'tank'. Replacement is usually a new tank but you could look on sites such as eurocarparts to see what the parts look like. A simple check of the thermostat is to feel the hose going to the top of the radiator as the engine warms up and it should not get warm until the thermostat opens which ought to be once the temp gauge goes up quite a bit. If you have a code reader with live data you can see t
  13. This link might help answer since I do not have a clue about phones and cars https://www.citroen.co.uk/about-citroen/mirror-screen.html and you might need to click on the android auto link on it for more help
  14. Check the pedal is not caught on any carpets and the brake fluid level is not low. You might be able to pull the pedal up but you need to check the master and slave cylinders for fluid leaks. It is also possible the internal piston seals are worn or any return springs inside might be broken. The master one have a look in the footwell at it and the slave one will depend on where it is located. If one external to the gear box you should be able to see it but if one next to the clutch release bearing it may not be easy but you could look for fluid leaks from the bottom of the bell housing. If no
  15. I need to have a think about this but P0014 looks to be related to the cam shaft timing. The vti engine has variable valve timing and when I looked at replacing the chain on our C3 it was possible the cam shaft end pulleys (dephaser ?) might need replacing but it would not have been known until they were checked. Before I did anything I remember cleaning a solenoid but it made no difference. This has a picture of a solenoid https://www.peugeotforums.com/threads/p0014-p11a8-exhaust-camshaft-dephasing-fault-coherence.320890/
  16. A search on the label part number 9627QA Brink comes up with a few options for a used one, maybe not in this country. However, it can be around 10 years old and if it were me, I would be buying a new tow bar since the old one may not be in perfect condition, you do not know its history and a used detachable could be worn. I presume you have done a thorough search of the car and tried the previous owner for the missing bit. You could also try Brink themselves to see what they have to say. https://brink.eu/en-gb/contact-service/
  17. If you look in the car handbook it should say how to replace the battery in the fob. This should include an initialisation procedure. I suspect you might need to do this on both fobs at the same time or open the car with one fob and initialise the other and see if they both work together without the rigmarole.
  18. Thank you for posting. I have previously drained the washer tank in other cars by managing to insert a tube and then syphoning the water out. It takes some time this way and then putting fresh water in and again syphoning. Maybe I should invest in a pump for the next time. The alternative would be to remove the washer pump but doing that takes a lot more time. The smell can be the result of washer additives so I prefer not to use these except maybe in winter to prevent freezing. Next you will be wanting to disinfect the air con evaporator. I do this by removing the pollen filter, putting
  19. The oil pump and valve seem to be one unit for about £200. Have a look at this on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154856860841 I think I would be asking a Citroen dealer to confirm anything before spending that amount but their diagnostic costs could be an hour or so labour. If the pressure is too high then I would think your scanner would be able to give the actual value of the pressure so maybe that is a start before doing anything. Then check any wiring in case it is damaged so the valve is not working. If you do replace the pump it looks as if the timing chain is involved fr
  20. A topic on the Berlingo forum to have a read but it appears from it, if it is a non turbo engine there is not much you can do to increase power https://www.berlingoforum.com/thread-5180.html
  21. An interesting idea. You would probably need to have a look at both cars and see if the inside of the engine compartment has all the same fastening points and electrical connections. Insurance might be a problem if the facelift was as you say to meet safety regs and even then you would need to declare it as a modification. Have you tried Citroen for the parts ?
  22. I think you might be best to entrust the work to a garage or Citroen dealer. This way the work will be guaranteed along with liability insurance.
  23. If it is the vti engine it could be the timing chain is worn and needs replacing - fault code P0011 is a timing fault. For now I would not waste the money on the oil and filter since these will be needed after replacing the chain. As well as a chain the guides, tensioner and maybe pulleys will need replacing so the cost adds up and some special tools are needed. Probably the previous owner knew what the fault is and rather than pay for a repair sold the car. There are lots of videos on the internet to help if you search on 1.4 vti timing chain. I would get a quote from a Citroen dealer for the
  24. Admin only comes on the forum maybe once a year or unless there are any problems so I would just wait and see what happens.
  25. This is an old topic but I thought it needs updating. Service.citroen is no longer a free service to anyone registered so access to the parts diagrams has to be paid for just like the workshop manual. Handbooks can still be read and downloaded free of charge and without registering https://service.citroen.com/pages/index.jsp .
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