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I have a 3 year old DS4 20 litre diesel sport.


It has started to go into a violent vibration when I start the engine so that I immediately switch off the ignition.  This only happens when the engine is hot.


Very mysterious!!!


It feels as though the starter motor is fighting the engine when it fires.  I suspect the pinion on the starter is not releasing when the system is hot.  Would I be correct in this and if so what is the solution?  Fit a new starter?


I need to attend to this before real damge is done.


Anybody experienced this before me?



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Welcome to the forum.


How many miles has it done ? It looks as if the dmf (dual mass flywheel) might need replacing. This might be covered by your warranty if the car is not quite 3 years old so should go back to a Citroen dealer for repair.

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