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Xm V6 Running Problems

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Dont laugh I know, but I have had this car for years and its been a good workhorse, about a year ago slight misfire or flat spot started, and it gradually over the year got worst, during this time I have replaced what I can this include the following



Coil, Tranistorised ign module

Idle speed regulator




Its a 92 V6 SEI 12V Manual Estate.


It never has the fault when cold but as the needle reaches the 90 mark it will start,

I never loses Idle, and can drive through it to about 3000

Its a throttle position fault rather than revs related but comes in on normal driving at 1800 RPM.

Its a smooth cut like a revlimiter, you can feel the engine move on the mountings, it looses all the cylinders.


The Citroen Diagnostic computer displays no fault found or recorded, and the throttle switch test passes.

I have kept driving it the hope it will die and the fault can be fixed.


Its had the mod to the block connecter under the LHM resovoir, and I have broken and cleaned most engine loom connectors.


Does this ring any bells with other V6 owners? Am I the last one left?

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