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Help, My Zx 1.9d Aura Won't Start!

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I'm new to the site and am hoping that somebody out there can help.


We have a 1992 citroen zx 1.9d aura. The battery died the other day as my husband left the lights on, he was able to bump start it and all was well. The next day however the battery was flat again so we replaced it with another one. Trouble is, the car still wouldn't start.


After much fiddling he came to the conclusion that it was the starter motor so have purchased a new one of those. It still doesn't start!!! Now we are stuck and don't know where to go now.


When you turn the ignition, all the dashboard lights come on, except the battery light. The headlights shine brightly when the ignition is turned on.


Any ideas????

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Guest Colin Hunter

Hi there.


Is your husband absolutely certain that he has connected up the starter and alternator correctly. It may be that he has left a wire off the starter and may have dislodged something around the alternator while working in the engine bay.


Just a thought. :D

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