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The XM, like the C3, was designed by someone employed by Citroen to have a laugh at the motorists expense.

Spoken like a typical jealous Xantia driver. They always wish they had bought an XM instead of a car that looks so much like a Pug 406. :)


The XM was designed by the Bertone studios.

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Crikey a response 2 years on.........


Errrr no I am not a Xantia driver but a Xsara owner so that should, in theory, qualify me for slightly higher status? Maybe not.


The XM looked nice but everything in it ie engine, electrics and suspension were unreliable.

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My current XM is a 91 2.1 Td.auto. It has covered 228 000 miles and in the last two years the only replacement parts have been two front tyres and brake pads. It returns 45mpg, is used every day and runs happily on veg. oil bought from Asda at 42p. per litre. I have owned the V6 which was stolen and broken for parts and bought my current XM as a stopgap for a later model for £360.00 two years ago. Heap of crap!!!! grow up and buy one. I am looking for another as a spare . Anyone know of a decent one for sale?

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Buying an XM involves a lot of knowledge about which versions to buy or avoid. Early Mk1s seem to be at the top of the avoid pile.


I nearly got one but for the fact the 2.1 TD engine was never as good in the XM as in the 406, somewhat underpowered, and very few people know anything about the 2.5TD.


It seems now any XM in very good condition commands a very high price for what it is, and the money is better spent on a C5 of half the age and mileage. It baffles me how someone can ask £6k for an 8 year old XM. More like £2.5k.


However, if I could find a sensibly priced 2.5TD estate with every option fitted, I would probably buy it, if the price was sensible.


Remember, just a dog, an XM is for life, not just for Xmas. But if you get a good one (the 5% that is) it's a brilliant car.


There are a number of XMs on eBay being sold for spares or repair. Philipe Noe at Medway Citroen is also very sympathetic towards XMs.

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