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  1. A good explanation of how to change the swirl valve and a video of its operation is here:- https://www.facebook.com/groups/Eurovan2/permalink/1219527668113694/ Incidentally I got same codes using a many of the free OBD Apps - it turned out to be the MAF.
  2. Yep Winter tyres are brilliant - though not so good on the 'wet' snow we tend to get in the UK. However, not a good idea to use them in the summer, as their braking performance is worse than summer tyres once the weather warms up.
  3. Had the same problem - unfortunately not the hydraulics but the release bearing that had pulled out. On inspection the DMF was on its last legs too, so had the lot replaced with a Solid Flywheel conversion kit. That was a year ago - so far works fine and no problems.
  4. FAP Lite is free on Google Playstore. Its apparently designed for all PSA vehicles, but only reads the engine and gearbox ecu fault codes and EOYLS tank contents - so not a substitute for a Lexia. I've used it for a year and it works great on my C8. You will need a bluetooth ELM 327 transmitter to plug into your diagnostic socket (available from eBay etc), then just download the App onto your Tablet or smartphone. For some reason the full App (FAP) is only available from Amazon - for around £8.50 I think. FAP allows you to read all the engine parameters - like airflow, turbo pressure, fu
  5. Bad starting fixed by changing the Starter Motor: Hi, I have a 2003 2Ltr HDi with 105K on the clock. Last winter it started to be difficult to start. Things got better with the summer, but it still took longer than normal to start, especially when cold. Finally the car refused to start when I was at a supermarket; a nearby Renault garage tested the battery and said it only had 50% capacity left, but that was unlikely to be the cause of the failure to start. They also jumped the car, but without success. However, when the Rescue guys turned up the next day, it started first turn of the ke
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