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1994 Heater Matrix Replacement

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Hey guys.

I've just brought a 1994 zx

It's the older model without a air bag.

The heater matrix needs changing and me and my dad are going to do it ourselfs.

I'm here for any advice you can give.

Any links to some tutorials.

I have the Haynes manuel.

And if I can't find it will buy another ASAP.

I know everything has to come out and that's not a problem.

But it's getting it back in properly that's on my mind.


Can any of you guys who have done this befor give me some

That would be great



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The Citroen manual does not show how to do the job but gives 6-7 hours for the 1.4 petrol version, so it looks like a long job. The parts diagram shows 2 o-ring seals where the matrix pipes connect, chances are new ones will be needed. Parts diagrams can be seen on the service.citroen website if you register as an other non professional and a member of the Citroen Owners Club.


From experience of replacing one in a Saab 9000, try not to spill any anti freeze in the cabin since it will smell for ever and remove any paint on the floor. Also clean up any leaked anti freeze in the ducting.

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