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Zx 1.9D Engine Swap

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Does anybody know if it is possible to swap an engine from a rhd zx to a lhd?


Ours is a 95 zx d and is rusty around the outer sills and above the suspension but the engine is low mileage and runs really well.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Welcome to the forum.


You would think it is possible unless there are country differences. One way to see if the parts are the same is to check the parts diagrams using the VIN (VIS) of the 2 cars involved. This is available as a free service on the service.citroen site if you register as another professional and a member of the Citroen Owners Club. http://service.citroen.com/do/changerParametres

It will also pay to keep a record of the original car VIN in case engine parts are needed and they are different for the 2 cars.


If the replacement LHD car is the same age as the RHD one, then is this also rusting ? Have you looked at the cost of welding up your RHD car ?

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Thanks for the reply.

I have not actually found a lhd car yet, just wanted to know if it was worth the effort of looking and viewing etc.

My neighbour who is a qualified welder has not actually given me a price yet, just a series of oohs and aahs if you see what I mean, and we keep swaying from not worth the effort, to well if you spend that much on another car.... etc.

I have been looking for several months for replacement outer sills and have not found anything, and I think he would be unwilling to patch up the car without.

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Rather than getting your neighbour to give you a price, try a garage/dealer/bodyshop who would also ensure and guarantee it would be to MOT standards. If the neighbour is not used to car welding of the thin metals involved but instead thicker metals in construction/fabrication, he may not be that good at repairing your car and may put more holes in it and cause distortion. Ideally a mig welder or tig welder should be used.


If the sills just need patching it would normally be done by making up pieces from sheet metal rather than a new sill. If you need complete new sills, have you tried a Citroen dealer since the parts diagrams show them ?

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