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Xenon Lights Ds5

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This is my first post, so I apologize if this has been covered but I couldn't find anything. I have DS5 hybrid from 2013.

I'm in the process of changing my xenon bulbs, I've brought new ones osram night breakers, they cost £60 each l was quoted

From 2 different garages about £400 to change them. They wanted £300 for the bulbs and £100 to change them.


The reason I want to change is firstly because I think the low beam is quite simply crap, high beam is great.

I've partly resolved the problem by raising the light beam up by adjusting the height of the light with an Allan key,

This was very simple and has helped a lot, it seems the standard setting for the lights on DS5 is very low.

I then thought I'd change the bulbs to get even better lights, this is a bit harder than I thought. Done everything disconnected the

Battery etc, but I can't get the bulbs out.

Has anyone managed to change these? If so how do I release the bulbs? Can't find a clip or anything as it's hard to see I also tried removing the headlights themselves but couldn't get them out either 😤 My DS5 is going in for a service next month 90000km service so a small service (£350) so I might ask them to change the bulbs depending on how much they charge.


I've had the car since September I'm very happy with it, took my misses about 4 months to get the hang of everything ðŸ˜

I'm thinking of changing the rear suspension as I've heard it makes a hell of a difference.

Anyway any feedback would be great,

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Welcome to the forum.


According to the Citroen service box procedures (2012), to change the xenon bulb, first remove the cover from the back of the light, then turn the complete bulb unit anti clockwise to unlock it and then pull it out, disconnect the electrical connector. The bulb can then be removed. Do not touch the glass on the bulbs with bare hands.


If you want to remove a headlight, the bumper needs removing to get to a bolt at the bottom of the light and a clip at the top of the light needs turning.


£350 seems a lot for a small service (oil/filter, maybe an air filter and cabin filter, a few checks) but your labour rates may be high. The service box procedures can be bought through ebay and come on 3 dvds to install on your computer.

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Managed to change the bulbs it was difficult, it took the 2 bus mechanics an hour to do. Pain in the ass but worth it.


I got the DVDs from eBay but I haven't been able to get then to install as you need win xp or 7 32bit. Which I can't get to work

On any of my computers, the drivers just aren't available, 64bit no problem but not 32bit. So using them as coasters now

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