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C8 2.2 Turbo Failed, Ran On Engine Oil, End Of Car?

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Hi all,


My partner's 2.2 hdi 2005 plate suffered turbo failure suddenly yesterday after no signs or symptoms. The engine oil was pulled via the turbo seals into the air intake and even with key removed, the engine ran on for a few minutes and at extremely high revs until the sump was emptied.


Apart from the embarrassment of the huge amount of smoke it filled the area with and the terrible and frightening noise of a runaway engine, she's now got no car.


I removed the air pipe to the manifold so no more engine oil could be pumped into the inlet, refilled the engine with oil and tried starting it. Unfortunately it became apparent the piston rings have failed as although it started after a few turns, it exhausted huge amounts of smoke and engine oil level went down quickly. With the inlet ducting not connected, it had to be oil passing the rings and especially without the turbo pressure creating a pressurised cylinder where blow-by would then help stop as much oil getting past the scraper ring. Instead a vacuum would be created with each fall of the pistons, helping the oil get past the rings.


Question is: has anyone suffered this and if so, is it goodbye engine or is it economically viable to repair? I don't have the time to take off the head and sump and pop the pistons up and out, and I'm also concerned at what other damaged or accelerated wear has occurred from high revs and no oil.


Is it worth having it recovered and taken to a garage or a waste of money on the work involved just finding out how much damage has been done? Is it likely crank and big end bearings now worn to death?



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Welcome to the forum.


Your lowest cost option may be to source another engine. Even if this one was rebuilt, it would need a new turbo which might be similar cost to a used engine. As an example but I am not sure if this includes the turbo http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CITROEN-C8-PEUGEOT-607-807-406-2-2-HDI-ENGINE-COMPLETE-96K-MILES-/201997693775?hash=item2f0800334f:g:5Q4AAOSwjRpZQR99

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