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How To Lock Flywheel To Remove Crankshft Pulley.

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Removed head and had rebuilt after broken timing belt. Luckily a 2.2 petrol C8 2004. Now trying to put back together and need to remove crankshaft pulley, manual I have says undo 4 nuts but my pulley has 1 central nut, now need to know how to lock it to remove pulley and also where is pin hole for timing assuming this is flywheel end. Help please.

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Use an "8mm thick" bar bent in an L shape (about 7CM x 18CM) to lock the flywheel, I bought an 8mm x 50cm toothed bar from a local DIY for a couple of Euros, I made 2 tools one for the Flywheel and one for the Cam (to adjust the timing on a diesel engine).


The Cam side is so near to the body such that the shorter side of the L shape needs to be around 5CM, but there is enough space on the Flywheel so it can be more... Also the angel between the L sides is 90 degrees or a little more, but for the flywheel, it can be more than that, eg. 120 degrees.


There is a special access point/position for this purpose on the Flywheel.

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For the 2.2 petrol engine from RPO 9411 you might need to buy the correct timing pins. The one for the flywheel has a large diameter that fits in to the engine casing at the back with a smaller diameter that will go in to a hole in the flywheel. It is Citroen part 0189R http://gm-tools.co.uk/214,flywheel-locking-tool-peugeot-citroen.html Before you buy anything check for the hole in the casing so you know it is the right tool.

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Thanks everyone bought the pins on ebay for £13 fitted good only problem now is having removed the pulley behind it is the timing cog but it says and it is floating, I presume that the pulley when tightened holds it from turning but that seems not ideal, can anyone confirm that is the case, nearly finished now.

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This is from the Citroen service box procedures and confirms what you have said, the timing belt pulley and accessory belt pulley are held to the crankshaft by the bolt and washer. Their positions though are set by the half-moon key so you need to make sure it is in good condition. Make sure the washer goes the right way round if there is a choice.

(6) Crankshaft gear (timing belt puley) .
(7) Accessories drive belt pulley.
(8) Washer .
(9) bolt .
The pinion ( 6) moves freely on the crankshaft.
The accessories drive pulley ( 7) is held on the crankshaft by a half-moon keyway and by the tightening of the combination of the washer (8) and screw (9).
Also in the procedures, the loctite is cleaned out from the end of the crankshaft, the old bolt put back and tightened to 40 Nm, the timing belt tension set and the old bolt removed and then the new pre coated bolt is used, tightened to 40 Nm and then an extra angular tightening of 40 degrees.
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