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Misfire and smoke

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The car had not been started for a few months, took a few turns to start. Drove it 200 yards and put on the trailer to take home. Struggling to start at home, took a few turns. Reversed it into the garage and left idle for around 5 or 6 minutes to charge battery a bit. Gave it a rev before turning off and it was misfiring and smoking. Removed plugs and all were black but dry. 

Help on misfire and smoke pkease

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If it ran ok a few months ago then maybe you just need to use it. The fuel might have gone off a bit so using it up and then refilling might help. It might also be a bit damp under the bonnet so the warmth of the garage might also help. Running for a few minutes will not charge up the battery, you would be better using a battery charger.

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