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Rear Wiper Doesn't Clear ?

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I looked deep and long in my crystal ball and saw that two of the three legged plastic seat holding the motor assembly that controls the back wiper are broken.


If you open the cover of the back door I think it is 4 screws and 2 holding the handle, you will see what I described.


Now, don't bother about epoxy, children are epoxy resistant, it will break again as long as there are people who bang the tailgate shut....


What you need to do is to cut a metal sheet 1mm thick, shape it to cover the holders base and to have wings to wrap around areas for hold, drill three holes for the screws to go through, use tie wrappers to affix the motor body to plate..


I had the same problem, and it was not pleasant taking the tailgate apart twice to fix it (using different types of glues).. So I am telling you what has worked..

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I have just fixed this problem.


Rather than broken plastic mounts which I expected after reading this thread,mine had a steel mounting plate, held by three bolts passing through rubber grommets in the plate.


The spacers which go through the grommets were a "top hat" design and had been fitted the wrong way around, effectively shimming the motor away from its correct location.

Turned them around and bingo. Full sweep from the wiper. The motor had been changed in the past, so the incorrect fitting was almost certainly by a mechanic.

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