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I'm not familiar with the petrol engines but there will be a tensioner pulley which needs to be released before the old belt can be removed.   It's very easy to remove the old belt and then not remember the route for the belt to go back again.   Take pictures or draw the route before you begin.   If the petrol is similar to the diesels then access is through the wheel arch, having first removed the wheel and the arch liner.

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Just need to check first, by serpentine belt I assume you mean the auxiliary belt which does the alternator, steering pump and air con (if you have it) and not the timing belt.


For the 138bhp from RPO 9093

Remove :
  • The front right wheel
  • The front right mud shield
Detension the accessories drive belt by acting on the tensioner pulley screw.
Peg the dynamic roller tensioner Using tool [1] - looks like a bit of bent rod.
Remove the accessories drive belt .
ESSENTIAL : Check that the pulleys turn freely (no tight spots).
3. Refitting
Refit the ancillary belt .
Ensure that the accessories drive belt is correctly positioned in the grooves of the various pulleys.
Remove the peg [1].
Continue the fitting operations in the reverse order to removal.
For the 143 bhp engine with the dynamic roller tensioner, use a tool in the square hole on the tensioner to turn it anti clockwise to release the tension so the belt can be removed.
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