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1.6 Hdi Standard Boost Pressure

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Hey guys, does anyone know the standard boost pressure for a 1.6 HDI? Reason I ask is that my Berlingo van Is dead slow lately can barely feel the turbo kick in i dread going up hills now. Don't get me wrong she wasn't built for speed but it used to lug it's weight around nicely.

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the 1.6 dosnt have a good reputaition regarding turbos. you really need to get the car pluged into live data and see what the fault is before it destroys your turbo/ engine. Could be anything from a broken wire to a split hose to the actual turbo.  google  1.6 turbo failure then youl understand how important it is for you to act quickly

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When I bought the van first thing I did was remove the sump and clean the engine pick up,i also removed the little metal filter on the oil pick up pipe (bango bolt) going to the turbo.Im not getting any fault codes all pipe are fine and I cannot hear any leaks.

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What year is the van (or which model Berlingo is it M59 or B9), and what power is the engine 75 or 90 or 92 bhp and does it have an exhaust particle filter ?


This is for a C4 to 2010 model 1.6 hdi so 90 or 110 bhp but I could not find anything for a Berlingo in the Citroen service box procedures:



1. Preparation
ESSENTIAL : Observe the following checking conditions : Engine at operating temperature. Vehicle in working order. Engine full load.
Connect the diagnostic equipment to the vehicle’s diagnostic socket : Measure the parameters.
2. Method of operation
Start the engine.
Engage the 1st gear ratio, and start the vehicle.
Engage the gears up to 3rd gear.
Decelerate to an engine speed of 1000 rpm.
Check the pressure (1500 rpm) : 0.6 ± 0.05 bar.
Accelerate hard : (change from 4th gear to 3rd gear).
Check the pressure (between 2500 and 3500 rpm) : 0.9 ± 0.05 bar.
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Had a look under a Berlingo car and also commercial vehicle in the service box and for the M59 it gives a lower boost pressure than this for the DV6DM engine as follows but this is listed against the 92 bhp engine and there are no values for the 75 bhp engine:


Engine speed 2500 rpm, boost pressure 0.2 bar

Engine speed 4000 rpm, boost pressure 0.6 bar


However, under the M9 Berlingo for the 75 bhp engine it gives


Engine speed 2500 rpm, boost pressure 0.2 bar

Engine speed 4000 rpm, boost pressure 0.7 bar.


So it looks as if you should be getting up to about 0.7 bar boost.

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