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Get your tracking checked instead and it will put your steering right

If they do the job properly! Some fitters don't clamp the steering wheel - consequently the wheel can end up a bit off centre by the time they've finished.

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If the tracking is adjusted on just one track rod it may also not go straight - should be adjusted equally on both sides. Since having this done I have never let a tyre place do tracking and instead would use a garage.


After checking the track rods and if needed the tracking, if you still need to remove the steering wheel to reposition it:


first the air bag has to be removed after disconnecting the battery and waiting at least 5 minutes - it is held on by clips in holes at the back of the steering wheel. Mark the steering wheel in relation to the column as a reference and the steering wheel nut (20 Nm) can then be undone and the wheel removed. After reconnecting the air bag, connect the battery but have the car gears in neutral and switch on the ignition from outside the car in case the air bag goes off.

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Steering wheel fits in one place only on the column, at least thats on my 2003 807, square it by adjusting the track rods.

I am with you on tyre centres checking tracking, last time I had it done I asked the fitter what setting he was using, parallel was the answer, but I said its FWD must toe in a little, no we set all cars to parallel thats what Michelin reccomend.

Big intake of breath from me, off we go to see the manager who pulls out a dusty book to confirm what I was saying, and it turned out there was a glimmer of truth in what the fitter was saying in that Michelin apparently say that the tracking should be set to the parallel end of the tracking range for the car.

I realised afterwards that the fitter couldn't read hence the reluctance to open the book! I wrote in saying they should invest in some training for the lad but the response was unhelpful.

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